Thursday, August 11, 2011

winter dusk and goodbye for now

This afternoon I walked down the end of my street and took some photos as night time settled in and sun went to sleep. Ignore the little hair line fracture at the corner of some photographs.. not sure what it is but you can be sure I am frightened/pissed off at his appearance as well.

Lately I've been busy with school work and working at the video store, so busy in fact that I can no longer remember what it's like to feel bored. I don't think that's a good thing either. I'm pretty unhealthy at the moment as well. I have a flu that doesn't seem to improve and a jaw that is clicking whenever I eat. This especially worries me as google tells me a clicky jaw could be a symptom of Temporomandibular joint disorder which is basically a long way to say that my jaw is fucking up. I think that means I need to go see the dentist, who I firmly believe is the devil reincarnated into an occupation. Stereotypically of course, I'm yet to meet someone who enjoys visiting the dentist. I bet dentists hate going to other dentist's.

I don't know how much longer I can keep up this blog. It was meant to be somewhere to share inspiration and rambles but right now I have nothing inspiring to share and interesting to ramble about. I don't want to delete it because that would feel like deleting a huge part of me. This blog represents my growth from a gawky adolescent who believed in naive lies such as love and truth, into an adult who still bears the rawness of the young but the matured hardness created from a loss of innocence. I don't think I'm growing much right now. I've hit a plateau in my evolution. I know soon things will start to move again and I'll change more and grow again, but right now I'm not living enough life for this to occur. Once I graduate I plan to live a lot of life, grow, evolve, change and then maybe I can start sharing again. Time will tell.

If anyone still occasionally checks this blog, thank you if you do.. check back in a couple of months. Well 99 days to be exact. For now, consider distraction blog to be in hibernation. Like an exhausted bear after a long summer of hunting and prowling the woods. I'm taking a rest for the rest of winter, then when the temperature drops, the sun beats down harder and I'm handed my certificate of freedom; I'll return.

xx Annie

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