Sunday, July 17, 2011

post shenanigans and drunkness

I hate topic sentences and since all my blog posts never cross one solid topic I think it's extremely stupid to use one. Firstly my most exciting news to share is I GOT A NEW LENS! It's a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle zoom which is gnarly because the teenage girl that sold it to me at Ted's photo store didn't even tell me it was a wide angle even after I pointed out quite obviously that the lens looked pretty wide. I fully intend to jump back into photography now and I'll try to upload any photos that I think are worth sharing. Since I last posted holidays ended, school began and inbetween all that I have a: moped about assignment loads, b: procrastinated over starting said assignment loads and c: shot a post in the middle of no where at 3 in the morning. Since talking about school sucks I'll touch on the party. Posts are the weirdest because they don't start till midnight which means right when my body clock is ready for sleep, you gotta push past that urge and instead drive to random acerage in random suburbs and take photos of mostly random drunk people. It never ceases to amuse me how many more slutty hook ups there are at posts. It's like people think- what a better opportuinity than to hook up with a girl all dolled up looking pretty in the middle of muddy long grass, while it's raining, at around 10 degrees.  Hey, why not- whatever floats your boat as they say. That's really all I feel like typing right now because I really want to go back to sleep due to fucked up sleeping patterns this weekend. Hope you're all not suffering too harshly from going back to school.

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