Tuesday, July 13, 2010

letting go

"Letting go" I believe is a bullshit term. You let go of a balloon, but you don't just walk away and forget about it. You wait and watch it fly up into the sky until it's so small your eyes tear at trying to keep track of it. No matter how small or insignificant the object or whatever is that you have let go, you spend at least one second thinking about what you just let go of.

That's why I think it is bullshit when people tell you to just "let go" of something that is actually serious or important to you. You don't just "let go" of something like that. You watch it fall from your fingers, hold on until you ache and then watch it fall to the ground, attempt to pick it up and fix it numerous times before you finally push the rubbish into a bin, only to miss it after a while and try bring it back yet again until you finally realise that it is just shit clogging up your time and mind.

The past is something that is always with you in a way the future isn't. Sure you're always wishing and hoping for something in a future, but that something will be decided on what you wanted in the past. Like they say, the past is just a story and when you realise that, it has no power over you. It will always be with you. You probably won't forget. You just adapt and let the chapters continue to unfold.

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