Monday, June 27, 2011

into the wild

A nice boy I know recommended a whole heap of movies for me to watch so today I parked on the couch for a solid 5 hours and after catching up on Downtown Abbey (really it's a shit tv show I don't even know why I watch it) I watched movie 1: Into the Wild. I really can't believe I hadn't already seen this movie because it checks all the boxes for me; pretty scenery- check, good soundtrack- check, life rambling- check, tragedy- check, broaches the topic of self-actualisation- check. Anyway I sure am glad I finally watched it because it really is a superb film which made me smile the whole way through. Other than when he died of starvation but that was minor in comparison to all the smile-provoking scenes! In fact I found his death not very sad at all because he managed to live so much in the time before he died that it almost seemed natural for death to come after so much living. There was a bazillion great quotes from that movie which makes me want to squeal with glee as I'm a huge quote junkie. I think my favourite quote was; "Happiness is only real when shared". There's a beautiful simplicity in that phrase and when Chris wrote that quote down in the movie that was my favourite moment because that is when he realised that no matter how happy and self-evolved he feels out in Alaska, in isolation, it doesn't mean anything until you can share those feelings and moments with another person.. Anyway, that's one movie down and I still have a huge pile of movies to get through before holidays finish and reality sets back in.

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