Sunday, November 1, 2009

nature vs man-made

A constant battle in human society; the earth and us. Unfortunately for everyone, the tree's don't pull out missiles and bombs to fight back.. so it seems- on the surface- that we are winning. But winning with the loss of everything, and in result the loss of life itself eventually.
When you think of it realistically it changes the odds quite a bit. But are any of us really willing to give up materialism? It's proof itself that I am running a blog pretty much devoted to materialism things; you don't see me posting about specials on food and shelters (not including cubby houses). It's quite sad and lethargic that even now the only solution I can come up with is to leave it to the extremely smart people with titles that are paid to think of solutions.
Ignorance is what will bring us all down.

- Anna.

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